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Where can I get the best limousine service in Toronto?

May 6th, 2011 by Exceptional Limo Service

“Where can I get the best limousine service in Toronto?” That is the question and the answer is why customers come to Exceptional Limousine.

“Who’s the best is a hard question to answer because there are many good transportation companies,” said Mos Bashi, owner of Exceptional Limousines.

“What makes Exceptional Limousines exceptional is all the work we do to make sure your ride is safe, reliable, economical and classy. Because when you rent a limo, you should know that behind the scenes everything is taken care of so you can be the star of your party, celebration, business meeting or just someone on their way to the airport who doesn’t want the hassle of dirty taxis or parking fees,” he added.

The limousine and transportation rental business has changed a lot from the first stretch limos in the 1940s when swinging big bands needed a big car to drive them to concerts.

Today, companies like Exceptional Limousines offer a wide range of vehicles and services.

Customers who want to look good on that big day – a bar-mizvah, wedding, graduation, baptism, birthday or anniversary – can choose from traditional black limos with a uniformed chauffeur, luxury sedans, corporate SUVs and even private jets.

“Sometimes it’s not even about the luxury. Sometimes it’s just a group who want to be together for a tour or a celebration and they want to leave the driving to us,” Bashi explained.

Corporate customers make up a big part of most Toronto limos services: www.exceptionallimo.ca

“There are two types of business people – those who never stop and they need to work in the car, and those who want to use the drive time to relax and collect their thoughts. That’s why we provide power sources in the limo and promise and a quiet, safe drive,” he continued.

For many business people, hiring a limo is no more expensive than a taxi but much more reliable. While many taxis are clean, new and driven by capable people, they are also often dirty, older vehicles driven by people who busy themselves on cell phones or don’t speak English very well or are loud talkers.

Limo services are built around the kind of high quality service that’s missing from most taxi rides. At Exceptional, limo drivers are booked to just one customer at a time, Bashi said, adding that not all limo companies do this.

“We want to provide exceptional service and not have our driver caught in traffic because he left to pick up another customer,” he said.

A good limo driver should be well-trained, safety conscious and dedicated to the happiness of their customers, he added.

A good driver will wear many hats. For the business person, the driver may be the executive assistant ensuring their vehicle is spotless and the client is well-tended. As a chauffeur of teenagers to a prom, a good driver is responsible to the parents as well as the graduates. When driving celebrants to a wedding or victory party, a driver is a background performer there to make the stars of the day or night look their best.

The in-car entertainment center is another feature of modern limo services, and these can include satellite radio, DVD and CD players, WiFi links, snack and drink bar and other amenities.

Package tours of the city, the wine, theatre and other regions outside Toronto are another way that limo services provide a special touch for out-of-town visitors and locals.

“Many people want a special ride when they go to the Niagara wine district, the Shakespeare festivals or the Underground Railroad sites in southern Ontario. We know these areas and enjoy making everyone’s trip something exceptional,” he explained.

“And they get this same first-class service when we drive them around for a night on the town,” he said.

Punctuality is always a feature of the best limo services in Toronto. Limo operators know the importance of arriving on time, understanding their routes and adjusting for the weather.

“We’ll call people if we think the weather or other problems could make the drive time longer so that if our customers need to make adjustments we are ready for them,” he said.

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