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Toronto Canada Limo Services Provider

August 17th, 2016 by Exceptional Limo Service

Movement in the most populous city in Canada can be quite a task especially for a visitor who may be in a rush to attend to business elsewhere in the town. Toronto may appear to be exceedingly punitive however my experience has been great in this city and much gratitude I give to the services that I received during my stay in Toronto.

For the better part of my travels in the city from the airport and even the museums in Toronto, I completely relied on the services of Exceptional Limo service and they did not disappoint. I was aptly picked from the airport and chauffeured to my hotel. The most interesting part is that the company allows the clients to pick their choice of the car whether an SUV or a stretch limousine. I came to realize that the company offers other services as well including private jets.

I must admit that the toronto car service are worth every dime, the availability of Starbucks coffee was a welcome relief as well as the courteous staff who are on standby at all times. Toronto being a haven for artists, VIPs, and other celebrities, Exceptional Limo Service has managed to find packages that befit special people although the staff ensures that every visitor feels special.

Should fate bring me back to this great city ever again, my choice is made, and I dare someone else to try Exceptional Limo Service, and they confirm the beauty of being a VIP.

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Limo Service Preserves Your Formal Wear’s Freshness

March 14th, 2012 by Exceptional Limo Service

Is there that one day that you forever regret having picked a formal wear? I’m yet to meet one who hasn’t fallen victim. The reasons for your horrific experience could vary from the day being too hot to ice cold weather. A Toronto Limo is however tailored to assure your freshness despite the condition. When it’s burning hot, you will experience a drained feeling or arrive at the event all messy owing to the sweat. My stylist argues that a heavy winter coat doesn’t go well with a catchy wedding gown, we could leave the coat behind but then the risk of arriving at the ceremony wrinkled would be gazing at us in the eye.

Most of Toronto limousine service has vehicles that are climate- Conditioned and roomy. Other than being stylish the limos ensures your arrival on the big day being beautiful, tidy and revitalized for the ceremony.

It’s easily the most dreaded occurrence not to be on time for the much anticipated ceremony. Toronto Limos will, salvage the situation without you having to deal with the nagging rush feeling or the traffic. An elegant Toronto Limo is bound to set the tone for the day, it brings with it; Class, Style & Elegance. if intending to hire a limo for your wedding day then you are spoilt of choice from the variety available.

It may range from the sleek modernity of a Mercedes sedan to the grossly understated exclusiveness of a Rolls Royce on to superiority of a stretch Hummer. Whatever your choice is bound to impress the hell out of your attendance.

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Toronto Limousine Business Spices Up Peoples’ Lives

January 19th, 2012 by Exceptional Limo Service

It greatly contributes to the native community, Toronto limousine business spices up peoples’ lives while providing a livelihood to many. Its operations are apportioned with the pride and comfort of the affluent and classy in Toronto. The business is lucrative and can be started at home while running most of the errands yourself. Advertisement is however a factor directly proportional to success. You could set sail with a single vehicle and gradually build a fleet in due time.

Driving a limo is the same as any other car except for a few exceptions. It all depend on the length and technicality of the vehicle it occasionally require a special license. Joining a Toronto limousine business as an employee to familiarize one’s self with the business model is a plus for prospective startups.

Before you center on management, a few records have to be put straight. Start by deciding the kind of clients you desire. This will dictate the model of car you are going to pick; it also gives a clear idea of the theme that is ideal. If you go for a Lincoln non-stretch you will be leaning more on the corporate and airport transport sector. If you intend to pursue the prom, wedding and parties you’d rather a stretch limo /SUV. The party limo is however a crowd mover; it can fetch up to $200 per hour.

The scarcity of variety when shopping for limousine insurance has Toronto limousine businesses at a corner. Transport insurance brokers and Praetorian are however a peoples favorite. Consult your states’ public utilities commission to get a hold of the registration requirement s. Ensure you call Toronto airport to dig out the requirements of operation.

Do you have a vehicle that is unscheduled? Offering a discount to give your customers incentive is the best way forward. You also need to solicit reviews from clients its surprising at how much of an eye it is. Post as many vehicles as possible in your inventory. If you don’t offer them then they don’t have to appear in your search, it will improve your web traffic. If your affiliates have vehicles that you don’t, don’t hesitate to post their vehicles as well.

Absence of advertising in Toronto limousine business is as they put it, “winking at a girl in the dark”. A strong online presence is strength in this business. You ought to get a website that tells a story; it should host pictures, your rates, contact information and other necessary additions. Print out business cards with a professional touch and get them circulating in the targeted group. Visit websites such as Limo pros (Limopros.com) and Limos.com, they will get you going almost instantly.

For starters always look to save money, personally drive your clients. By so doing you bag the drivers cut plus gratuity, it’s usually 15-20%. You will probably nail one or two bookings per week. Keep in mind that this is a premium service; it is all about the looks so dress to impress, normally a black suit will do. Toronto limousine business is now yours for the taking.

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Toronto Limo Service: VIP Treatment Begins with Customer Service Skills

December 23rd, 2011 by Exceptional Limo Service

Businesses and individuals alike have certain expectations when selecting a Toronto limo service. Ranking at the top is an expectation of VIP treatment. In fact, VIP treatment is a given for most Toronto limo service providers, but where does it start? Does it start when the chauffeur arrives and rolls out the red carpet? With Exceptional Limousines, VIP treatment begins immediately. From the initial contact to follow up phone calls – and everything in between – our clients are treated with courtesy, respect, and appreciation.

To ensure exceptional Toronto limo service at all points of contact, each employee undergoes extensive customer service training. These customer service skills are honed, nurtured, and rewarded, encouraging a culture of service amongst the entire team. Whether you’re scheduling Toronto limo service or inquiring about bill, you’ll always be treated like a VIP at Exceptional Limousines.

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Hiring A Limo For Your Prom

November 4th, 2011 by Exceptional Limo Service

Your prom night is one of the most important social events you will attend; not just during your high school years but also throughout your life as many people fondly reminisce about their high school prom. It is for this reason that you should make your night as special and as memorable as it can be and by hiring a Toronto limousine you will be doing just that.

The important thing to remember is to book well in advance. You won’t be the only one that is thinking about hiring a limo for your prom night and if you don’t ensure that you have your service booked weeks (and even a couple of months perhaps) before the date then the chances are that you may end up disappointed. Another important tip is to consider how many people are going to be travelling in the limo. By law the stretch limos can only hold a certain number of people (usually 8) so there is no point in waiting to be picked up with 10 people because it isn’t going to happen. So making sure that you only have 8 people who will be getting in the limo is as important as getting it booked in time.

Little else oozes class and style like travelling in a limousine and that is exactly what you get. Heads will be turned as it drives up the street to pick you up and leave you at your destination and one last important thing to remember is getting home. If you have chosen to have your limo pick you up from your destination and either take you and your friends back or to another location then make sure you book an extra hour just in case of any delays or problems you may encounter during the prom itself.

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Where can I get the best limousine service in Toronto?

May 6th, 2011 by Exceptional Limo Service

“Where can I get the best limousine service in Toronto?” That is the question and the answer is why customers come to Exceptional Limousine.

“Who’s the best is a hard question to answer because there are many good transportation companies,” said Mos Bashi, owner of Exceptional Limousines.

“What makes Exceptional Limousines exceptional is all the work we do to make sure your ride is safe, reliable, economical and classy. Because when you rent a limo, you should know that behind the scenes everything is taken care of so you can be the star of your party, celebration, business meeting or just someone on their way to the airport who doesn’t want the hassle of dirty taxis or parking fees,” he added.

The limousine and transportation rental business has changed a lot from the first stretch limos in the 1940s when swinging big bands needed a big car to drive them to concerts.

Today, companies like Exceptional Limousines offer a wide range of vehicles and services.

Customers who want to look good on that big day – a bar-mizvah, wedding, graduation, baptism, birthday or anniversary – can choose from traditional black limos with a uniformed chauffeur, luxury sedans, corporate SUVs and even private jets.

“Sometimes it’s not even about the luxury. Sometimes it’s just a group who want to be together for a tour or a celebration and they want to leave the driving to us,” Bashi explained.

Corporate customers make up a big part of most Toronto limos services: www.exceptionallimo.ca

“There are two types of business people – those who never stop and they need to work in the car, and those who want to use the drive time to relax and collect their thoughts. That’s why we provide power sources in the limo and promise and a quiet, safe drive,” he continued.

For many business people, hiring a limo is no more expensive than a taxi but much more reliable. While many taxis are clean, new and driven by capable people, they are also often dirty, older vehicles driven by people who busy themselves on cell phones or don’t speak English very well or are loud talkers.

Limo services are built around the kind of high quality service that’s missing from most taxi rides. At Exceptional, limo drivers are booked to just one customer at a time, Bashi said, adding that not all limo companies do this.

“We want to provide exceptional service and not have our driver caught in traffic because he left to pick up another customer,” he said.

A good limo driver should be well-trained, safety conscious and dedicated to the happiness of their customers, he added.

A good driver will wear many hats. For the business person, the driver may be the executive assistant ensuring their vehicle is spotless and the client is well-tended. As a chauffeur of teenagers to a prom, a good driver is responsible to the parents as well as the graduates. When driving celebrants to a wedding or victory party, a driver is a background performer there to make the stars of the day or night look their best.

The in-car entertainment center is another feature of modern limo services, and these can include satellite radio, DVD and CD players, WiFi links, snack and drink bar and other amenities.

Package tours of the city, the wine, theatre and other regions outside Toronto are another way that limo services provide a special touch for out-of-town visitors and locals.

“Many people want a special ride when they go to the Niagara wine district, the Shakespeare festivals or the Underground Railroad sites in southern Ontario. We know these areas and enjoy making everyone’s trip something exceptional,” he explained.

“And they get this same first-class service when we drive them around for a night on the town,” he said.

Punctuality is always a feature of the best limo services in Toronto. Limo operators know the importance of arriving on time, understanding their routes and adjusting for the weather.

“We’ll call people if we think the weather or other problems could make the drive time longer so that if our customers need to make adjustments we are ready for them,” he said.

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Limo Service in Toronto

January 4th, 2011 by Exceptional Limo Service

Reliable and the best limo service in Toronto. That’s how I would describe Exceptional Limousine. They are exceptional and I know that from my experience. I travel to Toronto several times a year and while many Toronto limo services make promises, Exceptional delivers. Clean cars. Always friendly and responsive to changes in plans. They make you feel like they really appreciate your business. If you’re looking for limousine or other quality car services including stretch vans and all the in-car amenities to let you work in peace and comfort – call Exceptional Limousine. In my experience, they have good cars, good drivers and an exceptionally good attitude. All in all, when it comes to limo service in Toronto, Exceptional Limousine is the best value for the best service.

B. Brown, LA, USA
VP & Director Shell North America

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Exceptional Limousines, Toronto Limousine Service Finest, Cater to Down with Webster

October 14th, 2010 by Exceptional Limo Service

In Sept/2010 we had the pleasure to cater to the Toronto Base band DWW.

We provide the finest limousines service in Toronto area and having Down with Webster as a customer gave us a strong believe that we are providing a good service.

I would like to thank them for using us.

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Toronto Limo

October 4th, 2010 by Exceptional Limo Service

I hire a limo in Toronto every month or so.

I found Exceptional limousine via the internet when I was searching: Toronto limo, they came up.

The service is amazing, cars are clean, and they were on time. They are truly a dependable from all the Toronto Limo company I have used in the past.

Lance Atwell, TD Water House

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When you need a Toronto Limo

June 4th, 2010 by Exceptional Limo Service

All I have to say is :When you need a Toronto Limo, you owe it to yourself to call Exceptional Limo Service; a company that is committed to excellence, service and the satisfaction of our customers in order to ensure the experience is a positive endeavor.

Bell Walker

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